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New Design NCC 2019

Commencing with the release of NCC 2019 we've redesigned the NCC brand, which includes a new logo, volume icons & colours.

Newly released

Commencing with the release of NCC 2019 we’ve redesigned the NCC brand.

By introducing a new logo and iconography, the NCC is easy to find and navigate online! Here’s a sneak peek at the new branding and design for the NCC.

Introducing new logo

The ABCB has been producing the NCC and its predecessors for 20+ years. During this time, the NCC has developed an identity all of its own. Building on this, and with the improved digitisation of the NCC, the new logo assists by offering easy identification and recognition. As the visual symbol of the NCC, it combines the three primary NCC colours, red, blue and green and highlights the connection and reliance between the building and plumbing codes.

NCC volume icons

The introduction of the NCC icons is just another guide to help you recognise material that is part of or relates to the NCC. The icons consist of commercial buildings for NCC Volume One, a residential house for NCC Volume Two and a plumbing pipe for NCC Volume Three. The icons are used throughout NCC online and will help you navigate your way through the Code.

NCC colours

The NCC colours will remain the same. This means that the familiar primary blue for NCC Volume One, red for NCC Volume Two and green for NCC Volume Three will not change. You will still be able to identify each of the volumes by colour! However, we have introduced a new, neutral cross-volume colour to reduce the complexity in design when a product covers multiple volumes at any one time. Keep an eye out in early 2019 to see how it works.

NCC title pages

Title pages have been redesigned to clearly represent and celebrate the NCC volume colours. These will be the title pages for the digital PDF version of the NCC and for printed versions of the NCC available from third party providers.

What's next?

A refresh of existing NCC supporting materials is also underway. Building on the NCC brand and icons, additional iconography will be introduced to help you find appropriate support materials from directly within the NCC. Check out our next edition of ABCB Connect for more information.

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