Builder Registration is able to offer a number of different training options. Our standard registration packages all include our group training program which our clients find to be incredibly comprehensive. For those that need extra assistance for an additional cost we also have personalised one on one coaching available.

Many of our trainers are registered builders themselves and have come through our own process. They are highly skilled and qualified to ensure you get the assistance you need to become a registered builder.

Our Trainers


  • Angelo Grillo 1


    Angelo came into the Builder Registration doors several years ago to become a registered builder.  He was successful with his DB-M 42348 and then worked diligently in 2016  to obtain his DB-U 45743.

    He is an outstanding Trainer for Builder Registration and has been a great asset to our Client’s success.

    He now has more than a decade of experience in the Building and Construction Industry and is also running his own successful company Mak Training Centre

  • Blake Schrieber


    Blake came through the Builder Registration doors in 2013 to become a registered builder. Firstly, he got his DB-L and then worked towards gaining his DB-U licence (DBU 45805). He has more than decade of experience in the Building and Construction Industry both as a Carpenter and also running his own building company Blake Built Homes.

    Blake has recently come onboard as the training manager at Builder Registration and continues to train students in successfully obtaining their registration.’


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